Why Choose a Privacy Fence?

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When seeking a secure and private area, look no further than a privacy fence. Constructed with materials like wood or vinyl, these tall fences provide an insurmountable view blocker to those on the other side of your property line. But that’s not all: there are numerous advantages to having one installed which include but is certainly not limited to enhanced security, improved curb appeal and increased property value! Make sure you consider investing in a privacy fence today for maximum protection of your home turf!

  1. For those seeking more seclusion, nothing beats the advantages of a privacy fence. Whether you’re having an outdoor get-together with your friends and family or just want to relax in peace away from prying eyes, this type of fencing provides ultimate security for yourself and loved ones. With it, you can be sure that no one will witness your backyard activities ever again!
  2. A privacy fence not only ensures your safety and security, but also offers enhanced protection for you and your family. By keeping out unwanted visitors such as animals or intruders, it increases the peace of mind that comes with knowing nothing is coming to disturb you at home.
  3. A well-maintained privacy fence will not only add value to your property, making it more enticing for potential buyers, but can also help delineate the boundaries of your land. This is especially advantageous when dealing with any sort of legal disputes concerning property lines.
  4. Shield yourself and your family from distracting street noise or noisy neighbors with a privacy fence. This invaluable tool has the capability to diminish sound levels, thus creating peace and serenity for you and your home’s inhabitants.
  5. Enhancing the visual appeal. With a privacy fence, you can upgrade your property’s beauty by selecting from an abundance of styles and materials that best complement your home’s design and architecture.

A privacy fence is an excellent investment for any Greenville property. Not only does it provide protection and beauty to your home, but also boosts the value of your houshold should you ever decide to sell. If you want more control over what goes on in your backyard or attract buyers with extra security features, then a privacy fence can be just perfect!

Privacy fence that is wood

Functional Privacy Fence Ideas

  • Get the utmost privacy and protection with a wooden or vinyl fence that includes a latchable gate. Now, you can easily access your property without compromising on security!
  • Transform your fence with the addition of shelves or planters! Whether you are looking for a place to showcase plants, decorations, and more, built-in shelves or planters can add both visual interest and practicality.
  • This type of fence is great for controlling the level of privacy and natural lighting you would like in your property. You can opt to space the slats closely together, providing maximum seclusion or tilt them according to your preference so that more light and visibility can be permitted into your yard.
  • Transform your fence into a verdant masterpiece by adding an entwined trellis. This beautiful feature adds visual intrigue and offers climbing plants the ideal environment to flourish, making for a lush and stunning fencing system!
  • Illuminate your space with a fence that features built-in lighting! Not only will it create an inviting atmosphere, but you’ll also benefit from heightened security. With so many choices available – including solar or wired lights – you can easily customize the look and feel of your outdoor area to suit your needs.

Why Hire Us For Your New Privacy Fence

When making the decision to install a privacy fence on your Greenville property, you should consider employing a professional service like us. Here are several of the advantages you can expect when selecting our team for your new fence:

  • When it comes to installing a privacy fence, you don’t want to mess around. It’s not the kind of project that can be done by any novice or amateur – in fact, both expertise and experience are necessary components for success. Our team knows all about local building codes and safety standards; we’ve been successfully installing privacy fences for years now and have honed our knowledge with each successful job completed. Rest assured knowing your fencing needs are taken care of when enlisting us as your service provider!
  • For our privacy fences, we make use of only the best materials, including strong posts and reliable panels as well as stable gates. Our team has been trained to install these elements with great attention and skill so that you can rest assured your fence will be secure for many years down the line.
  • Nothing is more important to us than providing speedy, reliable service so that you can start experiencing the security and privacy of your brand-new fence as soon as possible! Our team prides itself on quickness without sacrificing quality; we’ll get your fence installed with virtually no disruption to your home or property.
  • Enjoy unbeatable prices for our privacy fence installations. Get the best quality materials without paying too much and get a free quote to see just how cost-effective we are! Even better, rest assured that you’re getting an exceptional value with us.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We stand firmly behind our products and services, so rest assured that if you are not absolutely satisfied with your new privacy fence, we will go out of our way to ensure it meets your needs.

What We Do For Privacy Fence Installations

Entrust our team for your privacy fence installation and you will receive comprehensive services. As part of the project, here is what we offer:

  1. With your needs and preferences in mind, we will sit down together to design the perfect fence for you. We’ll take into account factors such as the dimensions of your land, building codes applicable to your area, and most importantly –your budget. Our consultation process is designed with you in mind so that no stone goes unturned when it comes to giving you the best fencing experience possible!
  2. Our team will meticulously measure the area to be fenced, accurately calculating all of the materials needed for your project. Then we will supply you with a thorough breakdown of both material and labor costs, so that you feel comfortable in knowing precisely what is required from start to finish.
  3. Obtaining a permit doesn’t have to be stressful. Our team will acquire all the pertinent permits and approvals from local government on your behalf, so you can spend more time doing what matters: Building that perfect privacy fence.
  4. Before beginning the installation process, we will ensure that your fence site is prepped for success by eliminating any hindrances and ensuring a leveled terrain. Then, with superior-grade materials and meticulous craftsmanship, our team of professionals will set up posts and attach panels to guarantee optimal structural integrity.
  5. Our gate installation service ensures that your fence is equipped with secure and easily maneuverable gates at crucial points. We can also include latchable security gates for enhanced protection.
  6. Our staff will perform a thorough inspection after installation to ensure your fence is gap-free, secure and strong. After this final review, we’ll clean up the site so it’s neat and orderly – ready for you to enjoy your new addition!

Look no further than Elite Fence Company in Greenville, SC for your privacy fence installation needs. Our experienced team will handle everything, from the planning and permitting to inspection and installation – guaranteeing a safe and secure setup. So don’t wait; get in touch with us today!

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