Pool Fence Installation

The Benefits of Pool Fencing

When it comes to protecting your family, investing in a pool fence is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. Not only does this provide an extra layer of security for your backyard, but it also helps reduce the risk of accidental drowning and other accidents. A pool fence will give you peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe while they are out enjoying themselves at home!

Investing in a pool fence not only guarantees the safety of your children and pets, but it can also add monumental value to your home. As an additional layer of protection around the perimeter of the water, these fences are designed to keep kids from climbing or crawling over while keeping furry friends away.

No matter where you live, it’s essential to ensure that your pool is properly fenced according to regional building ordinances. To be certain that the right fencing measures are taken, contact both your lender and insurance agent for advice. Having a secure fence around your pool will provide peace of mind knowing everyone can enjoy the summer months safely!

Everyone deserves a sense of privacy when enjoying their pool — so why not add a fence for extra reassurance? Keeping nosy neighbors or intruders from taking an unwanted peek means you can luxuriate in the sun and take relaxing dips without any worries. With your own private oasis, summer has never been more enjoyable!

Not only does a pool fence provide an extra layer of protection for your family, it can also be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard space. It’s a great way to boost curb-appeal if you’re looking to sell in the future; potential buyers may find comfort knowing they have added security with the presence of a pool fence around their new home.

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Why Hire Us To Install Your Pool Fence

When you’re looking to have a secure and reliable pool fence, Elite Fence Company in Greenville is the ideal choice. Allow us to showcase several reasons why choosing our services for your pool fence installation will be beneficial:

  1. When it comes to installing a pool fence, you can’t just rely on DIY skills. It takes expertise in local building codes and safety standards as well as experience with fence installation; two areas that our team is passionate about! Our knowledge and skill set are second-to-none when it comes to pool fencing installation – we have years of experience and understand how essential this job has become for the security of your property. We strive to provide excellent service so that your project gets done right from start to finish.
  2. We guarantee quality craftsmanship and the use of only top-notch materials for constructing your pool fence. Our posts, panels, and gates are all made from robust components that can withstand the test of time. Furthermore, our team is highly trained in installation techniques to ensure every fence we create is safe and secure for years to come!
  3. Our team is dedicated to providing lightning-fast and efficient installation of your new pool fence, allowing you to reap the benefits as soon as possible. We promise minimal disruption while we work quickly and proficiently to get it in place!
  4. Get your dream pool fence installed for an unbeatable price. Our prices are competitive and won’t break the bank, so you can have a high-quality fence without breaking the bank. Requesting a free quote lets you know exactly how much our services will cost before committing to them!
  5. We take your satisfaction seriously. If for any reason you’re not pleased with the results of our pool fence installation, we pledge to work diligently until it matches your expectations and beyond!

Make a wise decision and hire Elite Fence Company in Greenville, SC to install your pool fence. Behind our expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence is the guarantee that your fence will be safely secured in its place so you can relax knowing that you and those around you are safe while enjoying your pool.

What We Do When Installing Pool Fences.

  1. Strategically place the pool fence around the perimeter of the entire pool, with gates located conveniently for easy entry.
  2. Determine the size and layout of your fence, then carefully calculate how many materials (like panels and posts) you will need. Don’t forget to buy screws, hinges, or other hardware that may be necessary for installation.
  3. Before installing a pool fence, make sure to acquire all of the necessary permits and authorizations from your local government. Generally speaking, these permits must adhere to certain safety regulations in order for them be approved.
  4. To prepare for the installation of your fence, it’s essential to clear away any existing fencing and other obstacles like shrubs or trees in the designated area.
  5. Set up the poles of your fence. It is essential that you place them at even distances around the pool periphery and firmly secure them into the ground for maximum safety.
  6. Ensure the fence panels are aligned and firmly affixed to the posts by either screwing or nailing them. This way, you can guarantee that your fencing is properly mounted with utmost stability.
  7. Strategically install gates near the pool entrance and additional entry points to ensure a secure perimeter. Use hinges, screws and other necessary hardware for anchoring them firmly in their posts.
  8. Carefully inspect the fence to identify any openings or unstable sections, and take corrective action immediately. The boundary should be solid and impenetrable in order to keep kids and pets out of harm’s way. Any holes must be patched up promptly so that your loved ones are always safe and sound.
  9. At last, after the fence has been correctly installed and scrutinized for safety precautions, it is essential that you maintain its condition regularly. This entails inspecting any loose screws or broken panels and making repairs accordingly to ensure your fence remains in excellent shape.

Types of Pool Fences

Whatever your personal taste and the design of your property, selecting the proper pool fencing can both improve security around your pool as well as elevate the visual appeal of your yard. With a wide array of available choices, you are sure to find an option that is suitable for any occasion!

Mesh fencing is both cost-effective and uncomplicated to install, making it an exceptionally popular option. This specific type of pool fence is especially beneficial for households with kids or pets as they are highly visible and secure while also being very robust.

Semi-frameless glass fencing is an alluring way to add a touch of privacy and luxury to your outdoor area. The clean, modern design allows it to pair seamlessly with other landscaping components for a polished effect. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching poolside feature or desire additional security in the backyard, this is the ideal solution!

Metal and wrought iron are two cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing options for fencing. Unfortunately, these materials may not be as secure as other alternatives.

Opting for wood is a great way to add versatility and value to your pool. However, you should keep in mind that it will require frequent upkeep; over time, the wood might need repainting or stripping.

Chain link, one of the more cost-effective pool fencing options out there, is perfect for those looking to save money and time. It’s powder coated and easy to install, making it a great choice even in regions vulnerable to hurricanes! Furthermore, this resilient pool fence can be customized into various sizes while providing superior weather protection.

Aluminum is a popular choice due to its affordability and durability, as well as its quick installation. The metal may be prone to rusting in the long run when exposed to moisture or regular cleaning, but it’s still an excellent option.

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