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Hey Piedmont!  Are you looking for a local fence company that has unbeatable pricing and high quality workmanship?  Look no further than Elite Fence Company in Piedmont, SC.
We believe in exceptional quality and commitment to our clients. Our mission is to not only provide the best fence services, but also build relationships with our customers. We never cut corners or neglect to install a fence correctly! Not only can you choose from wood privacy fencing, but we offer other materials and design options too! From vinyl to metal, we have something for every taste. Plus, we provide excellent customer service so you’ll get exactly what you want! Furthermore, let us make sure your business is secure. Whether it’s chain-link fencing or an ornate iron gate, our professionals will help determine which option is right for you.

And don’t forget: contact us today for a free estimate and learn more about your options! At Elite Fence Company, we are committed to helping residents of Piedmont feel safe and secure in their homes or businesses. With over many years of experience in this area, you can trust us to give you the very best results. Let’s work together to make sure your property stands out – call us now to discuss your fencing project!

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    Privacy and Security Matter

    Whether you are looking to add an extra layer of security or just want to spruce up your yard, Elite Fence Company has the expertise and materials needed! We offer a variety of options when it comes to privacy fencing: wood, vinyl, metal and more. Our experienced team can help you select the perfect material for your home or business.
    Plus, with our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we guarantee that the quality of our work won’t be compromised! Let us provide the solutions you need – no matter what type of fencing you’re looking for! We’ll make sure that your property looks its best and functions as it should. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today for a free estimate!!
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    Why Choose Our Fence Company?

    Are you looking for a dependable fence company in Piedmont, SC? If so, Elite Fence is the perfect choice! We are proudly local and offer unbeatable services. Here’s why you should choose us:

    With decades of experience in the fencing industry, our fence company is confident that we can help you find the ideal fence for any project. Whether it’s a complicated commercial venture or a residential neighborhood job, we are proud to be part of every one! Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure that your needs are met and exceeded.

    Our fences are constructed with the finest materials, providing you with a reliable and durable solution that can endure even the toughest of weather conditions. With our high-quality fences, your property will look stunning for years to come!

    Our commitment to our valued customers is unwavering. We are here no matter the question or problem you may have. Our customer service team is dedicated to offering unparalleled support—always!

    Unbeatable pricing: You can get the fence of your dreams without breaking the bank, as all our fences are competitively priced.

    At our Piedmont fence company, you can find a vast selection of fences that accommodate any style preference – from classic wooden designs to modern vinyl pieces.

    If you’re seeking a reliable fence company in Piedmont, look no further than Elite Fence! Our team offers quality service and materials at an affordable price. With our years of experience in the business, we are confident that we can provide you with everything necessary to start your fencing project today. Reach out now to explore all the options available for your needs!

    Fence Installation in Piedmont

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    When to repair or install a new fence:

    Are you a resident of Piedmont looking to install a fresh fence? Elite Fence Company will strive to surpass your expectations in all aspects of fencing services. We have the capabilities and expertise required for any kind of fencing project. Here are reasons why you should give us a call to help you determine if you need a fence repair or new fence installation:

    Elite's Fence Installation Services

    Installing a fence is an exceptional home improvement project that can bring numerous benefits to your property. Not only does it add privacy, security and value, but also beauty! If you are planning to install one for yourself, here are some things to keep in mind:

    1. Efficiently organizing your fence installation project is vital for a successful outcome. Carefully decide the ideal type of fence, acquire any necessary permits and make sure that it will be installed on your own property – if you live in an HOA community getting their registery permit might also be required. By doing so, you can help ensure everything will go as planned!
    2. To start, you must ready the area for your fence installation. Eradicate any old fencing and make sure that the ground is flat – two tasks we’ll handle on your behalf! After all of this preparation has been completed, you can feel confident knowing that everything else will fall into place like clockwork.
    3. Now it’s time to install the posts – a crucial step in getting your fence up and running! You’ll need to dig holes and place the concrete posts securely into each hole.
    4. Secure the fence panels: After all posts have been correctly placed, now it is time to secure the panels in place. To do so, use brackets, screws or any other compatible hardware you may need for a strong connection between each post and panel.
    5. To complete your fence project, you can cap the posts and seal them with a protective coating. This step is essential for keeping your fencing looking beautiful in all kinds of weather!

    Installing a fence brings numerous advantages to your business or residence, and the process can be straightforward when you take the proper preparation measures. Before beginning construction, plan ahead and ensure that everything is set up for success with these steps.

    Elite's Fence Services

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    Wood Fence

    From classic picket fences to privacy ones, wood fencing is a great choice for homeowners who seek out versatility and beauty. Not only does it add security, value and curb appeal to your property, but you can also customize it to fit the individual aesthetics of your home. Although regular maintenance such as painting and staining may be needed over time in order to keep your fence looking its best, with proper upkeep they can last many years. So if you’re considering ways that will bring natural charm and sophistication into your outdoor space – look no further than wood fencing!

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    Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fencing is an optimal choice for anyone in need of reliable security and strength, as it is composed of interlocking metal wires arranged into a diamond pattern. The versatility and cost-effectiveness chain link fences offer make them very popular among both residential and commercial properties. Moreover, these are easy to install with customizable colors and finishes so you can find the perfect fit! Finally, minimal maintenance means that your fence will stay looking great year after year at a fraction of the price – making chain link fencing an attractive option for any budget minded consumer.

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    Vinyl Fence

    Homeowners choose vinyl fencing for its beautiful look and unbeatable durability. Crafted with PVC, or polyvinylchloride, it is weather-resistant and highly durable. Pick from ranch-style fences to privacy barriers - whatever suits your needs! Additionally, the ease of maintenance makes vinyl an excellent choice; simple washing occasionally is all you need to keep it in top condition for years. Not only that but insect damage, rot - these problems are no match against this kind of fence! In search of a durable, stylish fencing solution? Look no further than vinyl! Not only is it strong and dependable, but its attractive look provides an added aesthetic benefit.

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    Privacy Fence

    Homeowners who are seeking increased safety and seclusion can opt for privacy fencing as a solution. There is an assortment of materials, styles, and sizes to choose from including vinyl or wood varieties that tend to be taller than other types. Privacy fences also boast panels or similar features which entirely obstruct any view from the outside-in! This makes them immensely popular amongst those wishing to create their own private outdoor space at home.Not only can a privacy fence provide security and peace-of-mind, but it also adds instant beauty to your property. If you're looking for more privacy in your home and want the aesthetic advantage of a beautiful new fence, then look no further – privacy fencing is an ideal solution.

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    Aluminum Fence

    Homeowners often select aluminum fencing for its low maintenance, resilience, and attractive design. Plus, it is lightweight yet corrosion-resistant - making it ideal in places with extreme weather or areas close to salty bodies of water. There are plenty of styles to pick from including privacy fences, picket and rail fences that are simple to install and require minimal upkeep to stay beautiful! Aluminum fencing is the perfect option for anyone searching for a safe, sustainable and stylish solution that won't put any strain on the environment. Not only does it look great, but its strength means you'll never have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

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    Pool Fence

    From aluminum to vinyl, pool fencing is available in a multitude of styles and designs that not only add aesthetic value to your property but also provide heightened security measures. It's often required by local building codes as a way of protecting family members, particularly young children or pets from potential harm while in the vicinity of swimming pools. Pool fencing can give you peace of mind knowing it will help keep those around you safe at all times!Pool fences come in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, and vinyl. Each material offers different advantages, so it's important to make sure you choose the right one that meets your needs and budget!

    Fencing in Piedmont

    Elite Fence Company in Piedmont provides a plethora of styles and designs to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fencing material for your project. Whether it is a wooden fence or an aluminum one, adding these elements can bring beauty and value to your home in Piedmont as well as its surroundings.

    Our Piedmont fence company offers a wide selection of fence designs and can assist you in selecting the ideal fencing material for your project. Whether it’s an aluminum or wood fence, both add beauty and character to any home in Piedmont.

    Elite Fence Company is Piedmont’s premier fence contractor. Our craftsmanship and solutions are unmatched, setting the standard for fencing in the area. Choose us to make sure your project exceeds expectations!

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