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Are you over living in a neighborhood with fence after fence that’s just so dull or maybe you want some added security and privacy to your perimeter? If you’re ready for a change, look no further than Elite Fence Company in Pickens, SC! We’ve been livening up properties in Pickens South Carolina for the past decade, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing.

From residential to commercial projects, we’ve got the skills and experience to tackle any fencing project with ease. Plus, we won’t drain your wallet – we’re totally affordable! We’ve also got all the newest materials, styles, and designs that’ll make your neighbors go wild with envy. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to make their property the talk of the town?

So don’t put it off any longer – give us a call and let’s get fencing! You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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    Privacy and Security Matter

    Are you fed up with the chaos in your yard? Well, (you’re in luck!) because Elite Fence Company in Pickens, SC is here to help! We get that in today’s world, fences are a necessity – and what better way to add some style and function to your property than with a fence? Our privacy fences will bring some order and cohesion to your unruly lawn, and they’re excellent for blocking out pesky noises and creating a visual barrier.So don’t hesitate – give us a call now and let’s get fencing! 

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    Why Choose Our Fence Company?

    Are you looking for a fence company that’s not only the best in Pickens but also the most affordable? Look no further than Elite Fence Company!

    We’ve got the knowledge and know-how to make your fencing project a cinch: Here’s why you should choose us for all your fencing needs:

    • We’re affordable – no need to hurt your wallet here! Our prices are competitive and won’t leave you with any second thoughts.
    • We’re skilled – don’t attempt this difficult project yourself when Elite Fence Company can do it for you! We have the experience and ability to make your fence look great.
    • We’re funny – why let your fencing be dull and boring? With Elite Fence Company, we guarantee there will be plenty of laughs along the way – even for tedious tasks.
    • We’re reliable – trust us to show up on time, get the job done quickly, and leave your property in great shape!

    So why wait? Let’s make fence building fun again – dial us up today!! You definitely won’t regret it.

    Fence Installation in Pickens

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    When to repair or install a new fence:

    Still wondering when to repair or install a new fence? Don’t sweat it – here are some factors to keep in mind: the age and condition of your current fence, the extent of the damage, and (of course!) your budget. If you’ve got an old fence that’s seen better days then it may be time for a new one! But if the problem is minor and within your budget range to repair – well, then fixing up could be worth it! Ultimately though, you’ll have to assess the situation with care -look out for any telltale signs like below, then give us a shout!

    Elite's Fence Installation Services

    Are you looking to upgrade your home’s fencing? Have no fear – Elite Fence Installation Service in Pickens SC is here! We provide a variety of fence options such as wood, privacy, chain link, aluminum, vinyl and pool fences. Plus, our experienced contractors will get the job done right at an affordable price. With Elite Fence Company, you can trust that your property is safe and secure with our reliable installation process.

    Bringing together the best of both worlds, Elite Fence Company in Pickens, SC offers exceptional service and unbeatable prices. Our team strives to provide top-notch customer service and are always punctual – so don’t worry about delays or poor quality work! So why Elite Fence? We have the best of both worlds – high quality materials AND skilled craftsmanship.

    Don’t hesitate – experience Elite fencing today! Don’t forget: with us, there’s no need to worry about lengthy installation times or unnecessary costs – we’ll make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish!!

    Elite's Fence Services

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    Wood Fence

    If you're looking to add a bit of flair to your property, consider installing a wood fence! Wood fences offer an unmatched natural beauty and versatility that really can't be beat. Not only do they provide privacy, security, and value - (who doesn't want that!) but they can also be tailored to fit your individual requirements and tastes. Whether you go for picket fences or something more private doesn't matter - it all comes down to what you need! Though they do require regular maintenance like staining or painting, wood fences are surprisingly durable and can easily last for years! So don't let their upkeep scare you away; wood fencing is the perfect way to bring nature into your home in a unique and elegant way. Don't miss out - try it today!

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    Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fences are a time-tested option for many residential and commercial applications. The range of innovative materials used in their construction can provide security without sacrificing style! That’s right; modern chain link fences come in a variety of hues and finishes, allowing them to blend seamlessly with existing landscapes or unique designs. Plus, they’re incredibly durable – no need to worry about replacing it anytime soon! Not only do these fences not break the bank, but they require very little maintenance as well. This is due to the fact that galvanized steel is used for the structure which makes it highly resistant to rust and weathering. And did we mention that chain link fences are easy to install? If you’re looking for superior strength and lasting protection without breaking your budget – look no further than a chain link fence.

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    Vinyl Fence

    Vinyl fences are steadily becoming the go-to fencing solution for people who want to make their home look stylish and up-to-date. Not only is vinyl durable (and easy to maintain!), but it also offers a wide variety of designs that can truly help your house stand out from the crowd. What's more, contrary to traditional wooden fences, vinyl doesn't require frequent repainting or staining; rather, its color will remain intact for much longer than other materials. It's even resistant to severe weather conditions like high winds and hail storms - no need to worry about replacing damaged sections! Plus, it's got a much lower environmental impact compared to other types of fences. Installing a vinyl fence isn't as difficult or time-consuming as some might think. For those wanting an easy yet chic way to update their outdoor space - why not try out a vinyl fence?

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    Privacy Fence

    Fences are a great way to ensure privacy and security for your home, but if you want an innovative way to shield your property from prying eyes, try using a privacy fence! These stylish panels give homeowners the ability to keep their outdoor space just that – private! Luckily, there are now more options than ever when it comes to buying a privacy fence. From striking metal designs to natural wooden fences, you can find the perfect fence that matches your style. Plus, some fences come with special features like movement sensors and alarms, giving you a layer of protection beyond what a typical fence provides. And don't forget about knotty vinyl fencing – it's an excellent choice if you're looking for something durable and low-maintenance! When considering which privacy fence is right for your home, remember: it all depends on how much you value your peace and quiet!

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    Aluminum Fence

    Aluminum fences are an ideal choice for homeowners, offering a number of benefits that no other material can match! Not only are they incredibly cost-efficient, but they also won't rust (unlike steel) and require minimal maintenance. Plus, their lightweight nature makes installation and removal much easier than with traditional fencing materials. With all these advantages, there's no wonder aluminum fencing has become so popular in recent years! However, if you're looking for something a bit more innovative, there are plenty of options available. For example, brushed aluminum fencing can provide a stylish and unique look to any yard. Or why not go boldly with powder-coated finishes which come in a range of colours that'll really make your fence stand out? And don't forget - aluminum fences can be customized to fit any size or shape you require. It's easy to see why aluminum is such a great choice – it's durable, low-maintenance and provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to design

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    Pool Fence

    Pool fences are a crucial part of keeping people safe from the potential dangers associated with swimming pools. With safety and innovation in mind, pool fence manufacturers have come up with all sorts of innovative solutions for keeping pools secure. From custom-sized vinyl fencing to mesh netting, the range of options (and the quality) has never been better! Not only do properly installed pool fences provide invaluable peace of mind for homeowners, but they also serve as an aesthetic enhancement. Whether you’re looking for a sleek aluminum fence that blends into your landscaping or you want to make a statement with an ornamental iron fence, there’s sure to be a perfect pool fence solution out there!When it comes to protecting your loved ones and property, nothing beats investing in an innovative pool fence. It may seem like an extra expense initially — but trust us when we say: it will be worth every penny! After all, doesn’t everyone deserve that extra layer of security? So go ahead and take the plunge – get yourself a high-quality pool fence today!

    Fencing in Pickens

    When it comes to opting for a Pickens fence company, it’s essential to consider the quality of craftsmanship and materials with utmost priority.

    Elite Fence Company in Pickens offers an unparalleled choice of durable fence material selection and designs that’d truly upgrade your fencing game! Our fences not just look stylish and beautiful, they add value to your Pickens home and community (and who doesn’t want that!). Plus, we make sure to adhere to the Pickens fencing standard – no cutting corners!

    So, don’t settle for less when you can have the best with Elite Fence Company in Pickens – let’s get your property spruced up today!  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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